Superiority Complex EP

by Snuffx

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- How to get a girlfriend
- If you claim to hate pornogrind then you suck and we hate you
- You think you're smart but you're just a different kind of stupid
- Stealing prescription drugs from a children's hospital is easier than you imagine
- Leave your kids with Uncle Jack, he has large manly hands
- You are just a pathetic normie and not at all cool
- The G in Tom G Warrior stands for Gayfaggotcocksuckertwat
- Are you familiar with the concept of jokes?
- Donald Trump bought all of our releases for $31,852,420.66 on bandcamp
- I went to Uganda and got aids on the very first day
- Only acceptable place to do a hardcore dance is at a Tom Tom Club concert
- I secretly indulge in current events
- Oi metal is dead
- Our song titles are just plain impressive not to mention the music
- Your girlfriend got the Snuffx logo tattooed on her blown out asshole
- Scam the normies
- I play in a noise band to get all the ladies
- Perverts only please
- Having song titles longer than the actual track
- The audacity of human beings
- I got hep C from a hippie chick now I'll pay it forward
- Thanks for the drugs
- You think you know powerviolence, you're so stupid
- Anyone can do it but they won't
- Beat your meat
- I once strangled some twat with polio because he couldn't shut up about his problems
- You're already there you dummy
- What people think of you matters
- Adjust accordingly
- Load shooter
- She lick me like a lollipop
- I fap to the daily news
- It's always sunny in philadelphia
- Light metal
- Cross dress to fit in
- Sex shopper
- You gotta pay the troll toll to get into the boy's hole
- I went to Thailand to find inner peace but I became a sex tourist instead
- Only true drug is consciousness
- If you feel anything short of unconditional love for animals you deserve a torturous death
- Charles Manson for God (CMFG)
- Bogus Guru's
- Stacey Dooley masturbates to Snuffx on an hourly basis
- Chris Moore from Disciples of Christ has a moustache
- Life is serious, death is serious, take it seriously
- I couldn't find krokodil at the drug store
- Iron Maiden is a joke
- Knocked out with a Von Flue choke
- Zero fucks


Why add lyrics? I dislike typing.


released February 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Snuffx New Delhi, India

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